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Is Fluoride Important for Children’s Oral Health?

Though fluoride is often misunderstood, it is actually an extremely effective and easy way to keep cavities at bay and maintain the oral health of both you and your children. Fluoride provides protection, strength, and promotes overall good dental health for both children and adults alike, and it is one of the very safest ways we in the dental industry can help to prevent cavities. Dental cavities are in fact one of the most common diseases in adults and children worldwide affecting nearly everyone.

How does fluoride work and why is it important for dental health?

When your child eats food and beverages, especially those with natural and added sugars, there are bacteria in their mouth that feed on those sugars. The process of bacteria feeding on the sugars causes a type of acid to be produced as a byproduct. Overtime, this acid can actually start to chip away at the hard enamel or the outer protective shell of teeth.

When this protective cover wears away, it can lead to cavities (actual holes inside the tooth) which are not only painful, but also dangerous as they can lead to further decay and infection even down into the gums and bone.

Fluoride‘s job is to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to these acids by protecting your teeth. Fluoride reduces the risk of cavities when used regularly and can actually help to reverse early tooth decay - saving your children pain and other health problems down the line.

Fluoride is so impressive in its ability to protect kids’ dental health that it was actually named one of the top public health achievements of the 20th century as it is available inexpensively and widely across the country!

What can your kids expect when they get a fluoride treatment?

A fluoride treatment in our office at Smile Zone is a very safe and easy way to help protect your child’s teeth, but naturally they may be a little bit nervous about having any procedure done at a dental office. Luckily, because fluoride works to strengthen the outer hard protective shell of the tooth called the enamel, Fluoride application is very non-invasive.

A typical fluoride treatment is extremely quick, always painless, and involves our dentist painting a thin layer of fluoride varnish across your child’s teeth at your kids’ dental appointment. This fluoride varnish is typically sticky and can look yellow or orange, but it is usually flavored so that children enjoy the taste.

Fruit flavors, mint, bubble gum, or other fun flavors are usually available for your child to choose from which will ease their mind about something they potentially saw as “yucky” going into their mouth.

The Fluoride Varnish Application at Kids’ Dental Appointments

The varnish application is extremely fast and can be painted right on with a brush. It sets quickly and your child only has to wait about 30 minutes after the fluoride treatment is finished before they can eat or drink. This gives the fluoride enough time to penetrate the enamel and start strengthening the teeth before it is washed off by food or drink.

A successful fluoride treatment during a dental checkup for kids might even be able to reverse cavities that have just started forming by stopping the decay before it spreads to a place that would cause pain or require further intervention such as a filling or root canal.

Fluoride Treatment with Little Ones at Home

Fluoride treatment is important for kids’ dental health at home as well, and one of the easiest ways for you to make sure your children are getting enough is by choosing a toothpaste with fluoride right in it. Kids’ toothpaste commonly comes in all kinds of delicious flavors besides just mint including bubblegum, cinnamon, grape, and other fruity delights.

Make sure you supervise young children, especially toddlers, so they do not swallow fluoride when they start using a fluoride toothpaste. While fluoride is safe in small doses on teeth, it is not meant to be consumed and children must be taught this right from the beginning.

Easy and Convenient Fluoride Treatment for Kids in Yuba City, California

We know how busy your life can be with careers, children’s activities, and obligations with family, friends, and your community. Because you and your children are so busy we have created convenient dental checkups for kids on the weekends and into the evenings during weekdays to accommodate all kinds of different schedules.

Whether you’re a single parent, a working family, or you have afternoon obligations that can’t be avoided, we can schedule a kids’ dental appointment for your children to get their teeth cleaned, evaluated, and fluoride treatment applied when it is most convenient for you. You can book a cleaning and exam appointment online or call us at (530) 230-0081.


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