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Laughing Gas

Safe and convenient.

Laughing Gas for Children in Yuba City, CA

Nitrous oxide, a.k.a laughing gas, is a safe and effective sedative agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to help you relax.

What Can I Expect?

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is one option your our team may offer to help make your child more comfortable during certain procedures. It is not intended to put them to sleep. Your child will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions. We will ask your child breathe normally through his or her nose, and within a few short minutes your child should start to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide. Your child may feel light-headed or a tingling in your arms and legs. Some people say their arms and legs feel heavy. Ultimately, your child should feel calm and comfortable. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after the mask is removed.

Other Sedation Methods?

Yes there are and our team will talk to you about your options but Smile Zone only offers Nitrous oxide. If your child needs treatment that requires a stronger sedation technique we will refer you to the proper office that can perform the procedure.

Smile Zone Kids &Teens Dental Yuba City CA Children Laughing

Nitrous Oxide for Kids in Yuba City, CA

Your kids are busy and so are you! We have appointments in the evening and also on the weekends to accommodate the varying schedules of working parents who need to take their children to the dentist when other offices are not usually open.

Our goal for your visit is two fold. That it is convenient for you and enjoyable for your child!

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