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Crowns for Children in Yuba City, CA

Crowns can give any smile back its shine! Stainless steel crowns are a perfect solution for children who have damaged a tooth and need a strong replacement. We make crowns for pieces of tooth that have been chipped off or to replace an entire tooth.

When is a Crown Required?

Crowns not only protect what remains of a tooth but they also restore a smile. If your child chipped a tooth or damaged a tooth in an accident and it is causing them pain or feelings of embarrassment because it makes their smile incomplete, a crown is a great solution because it protects the part of the tooth that remains.

Is a Crown a Filling?

While both are used to protect remaining teeth and to restore smiles to their natural look, crowns are for larger pieces of teeth that are missing while fillings are used to patch up small holes, also known as cavities, in teeth usually caused by bacteria. Dr. Sohail and his team will recommend the best option for your child when you visit.

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Dental Crowns for Kids in Yuba City, CA

Your kids are busy and so are you! We have appointments in the evening and also on the weekends to accommodate the varying schedules of working parents who need to take their children to the dentist when other offices are not usually open.

Our goal for your visit is two fold. That it is convenient for you and enjoyable for your child!

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