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Does Your Child Snore? Time to Talk to your Child's Dentist!

Updated: Feb 27

There’s always plenty to worry about being a parent no matter what your child’s age… from toothaches to potty training from homework to cyber bullying. Snoring however, is something many parents don’t think about until it happens to their child!

When you notice something abnormal going on, whether it be a runny nose, change in mood, or a chronic snore, it’s natural to worry, especially with very young children and infants who can’t easily communicate if they’re sleeping well or feeling sick.

Looking for a “Dentist Near Me?” We’ve Got You Covered!

At Smile Zone we have many years of experience in advanced dentistry for kids and teens, so if you’re searching for a “dentist for kids near me,” we are by far the best choice in the Yuba City area. Use our handy guide below to learn more about snoring in your newborn, child, or teenager and schedule an appointment for pediatric dentistry at Smile Zone when you need expert help.

Common Causes of Snoring in Infants, Children, and Teenagers

Snoring in children is actually called pediatric sleep disorder, abbreviated SBDB. This can be caused by enlarged adenoids, enlarged tonsils, indoor or outdoor seasonal allergies, dental conditions like crowded teeth that inhibit airways, or a condition called Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea which can be a more serious concern.

Newborn and Infant Snoring

Newborns and infants have smaller nasal passages than do older children and adults which can cause them to sometimes make noisy breathing sounds when sleeping. Noisy sleep breathing isn’t always a problem, especially if the child is a bit congested or the atmosphere in their room is extra dry. If it is very loud, constant, or you are concerned for another reason, your pediatrician would be the first resource to go to.

Toddlers and Elementary Aged Children Snoring

Mild snoring is not necessarily a problem if it’s light at this age, but if your toddler or child chronically snores very loudly or has interruptions in breathing during any kind of sleep, whether it be nighttime or a nap, it is critical that you talk to your family pediatrician as soon as you can. One of the more serious concerns could be sleep apnea, which can affect both children and adults. This can be a dangerous disorder, if not dealt with because it causes a person to stop breathing during sleep, which restricts oxygen to the brain. There are treatments available for this luckily, but it is important to get it diagnosed as soon as you can so treatment can begin immediately.

If kids are not snoring loudly, but their breathing is partially or repeatedly interrupted during sleep, they might have pediatric sleep apnea. If you don’t notice snoring, other symptoms to look for are: inability to concentrate or focus, poor performance in school, and or learning difficulties, behavior, problems, and chronic daytime sleepiness. Talk to your pediatrician first about if you suspect pediatric obstructive sleep apnea.

Enlarged tonsils, allergies, restricted airways, or asthma, can also be causes for snoring and your pediatrician can easily test for those things as well.

How We Can Help!

At Smile Zone, we can also assist with your child’s chronic snoring, so make sure to let us know at their dental check up examination. We will take a look at their dental alignment first; by doing that, we can help determine if their palate or the alignment of their teeth is contributing to problems with snoring. If that is the cause, we are well practiced in advanced dentistry for kids and can help with both palate issues and teeth alignment, so that your child can sleep more easily and quietly.

Teenage Snoring

Just like at every age, a teenager experiencing light snoring is not typically a problem, but similarly they can experience dental misalignment or any of the health issues that children face as well. When your teenager comes in for their routine dental exam, it is also important for them (or you) to tell us if they are a chronic or loud snorer so that our dental specialists can try to determine the cause of snoring and help.

Advanced Pediatric Dental Care with Convenience

At Smile Zone we are here to help you and your child have the best dental experience possible and maintain a happy smile and a healthy body. Call our office to schedule a convenient appointment for your kid or teen's dental check up or for advanced dentistry for kids.

We cater to busy families and as such, offer early morning, weekend, and evening appointments. Give us a call at (530) 230-0081 to schedule an appointment today. We are located at 718 W. Onstott Frontage Rd. in Yuba City, California, we accept most insurance plans, and we welcome emergency walk-in patients.


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