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Electric Toothbrushes for Kids: Are They Worth It?

Updated: Feb 27

Electric toothbrushes are touted as more effective and more convenient for adults, but have you ever wondered if they are appropriate for kids? As parents we are aware that we are responsible for teaching our children healthy dental habits, making appointments for

regular kids' dental cleanings and obtaining advanced dentistry when needed.

Regular teeth brushing and flossing habits are also essential for families to teach at home, and electric toothbrushes are equal to or better for kids’ teeth than manual ones just like they are for adults! An electric toothbrush can actually be helpful to kids in more ways than one, and at Smile Zone we want to help you understand the benefits!

The Many Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush for Children

Manual and electric toothbrushes can be equally effective in removing plaque and tartar from children’s teeth according to the American Dental Association, but that is assuming kids are using them correctly, brushing for the required amount of time, and using the correct technique.

An electric toothbrush helps little ones to brush gently yet powerfully and can also motivate them to brush for a longer amount of time to get those pearly whites extra clean.

Other benefits of electric toothbrushes for kids include:

  • They offer more power than manual toothbrushes since oftentimes little ones don’t brush forcefully enough.

  • They are easier for children to use, starting up with just the push of a button.

  • The vibrating motion works exceptionally well to remove stubborn plaque.

  • Many include timers with fun music or alarms to help children brush for the right amount of time.

  • Kids’ electric toothbrushes often come with technology to make brushing fun with the option to connect to apps on smart devices for fun and games while developing positive dental habits.

Are There Any Cons of Electric Toothbrushes for Kids?

Electric toothbrushes do have some negatives, primarily that they are often more expensive than manual brushes and need to be kept charged. That can be turned into a positive thing, however, as making sure kids remember to put their toothbrush on the charger is also a great way to teach responsibility.

Just like a manual toothbrush, the head of an electric toothbrush does need to be replaced every once in a while to keep it fresh and working at optimum performance.

Let Kids Choose in Order to Motivate Them!

There’s nothing that motivates kids more than choice and if you have a child who doesn’t seem all that eager to brush their teeth, take a trip to the store together to look for a toothbrush that can make oral hygiene fun.

There are toothbrushes that:

  • play music to keep kids engaged

  • time their teeth brushing with timers, quadrant alerts, and songs

  • connect to apps on smart devices to make brushing a game

  • create competition between siblings and friends through technology that connects to the toothbrush

  • come in fun colors and character designs just like manual toothbrushes.

Allowing kids to choose their own electric toothbrush, often helps even the most reluctant of brushers to develop a new healthy habit. Have them test out handles that are easy to grip and make sure the bristles are not too firm so that they won’t be damaging to their teeth and gums.

Great Electric Toothbrush Options for Kids

There are many electric toothbrushes for children that have received great ratings and at Smile Zone, we always love to hear about new ones on the market that are delighting our patients.

Check out these four highly rated electric toothbrushes for your child today:

Sonic waves are used to clean Teeth with this high-tech toothbrush that also comes with a fun and engaging app. Kids learn the important dental habits they need and get to complete fun digital activities both in the morning and before bed. This toothbrush also comes with a timer that helps children keep track of which quadrant to move to in their mouth when brushing and how long to brush.

This is a lightweight electric toothbrush that is easy to use and comfortable to hold. It interacts with multiple smart devices to encourage both children and adults to brush better together as a family. It is priced on the high side but has gotten very good reviews from families who use it.

This toothbrush has a larger grip area and connects to the Disney Magic Timer App so that kids can brush their teeth along with their favorite Disney characters. One of the most comfortable electric toothbrushes for children, the soft head is a small size which is great for reaching difficult-to-reach areas in tiny mouths while not damaging soft gum tissue. The head oscillates, which is typically more comfortable for kids than the common ultrasonic motion of adult electric toothbrushes.

Another great option that is easy on the budget, this toothbrush comes in fun colors and characters, such as Minions, unicorns, Batman, Trolls, and more. The small head is a good size for small mouths and is extra gentle, while the slim handle makes it easy for little hands to hold onto.

Kids’ Dental Cleaning and Advanced Dentistry for Kids and Teens

At Smile Zone we offer all kinds of services for families, including kids’ dental cleaning, and advanced dentistry. We are now also offering a brand new feature where families can book appointments right through our website. Online appointments can be made for kids’ dental exams and kids’ dental cleaning only, not advanced treatment appointments.

We know the importance of teaching children healthy dental habits and always make it a priority to make both you and your child feel comfortable and happy in our office. Whether you’re coming in for a kids’ dental cleaning appointment or an emergency visit, we will always be there for you.

Simply reach out to us at (530) 230-0081 to schedule an advanced dentistry appointment, a kids’ dental cleaning, or a routine pediatric exam today!


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