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Why It's Best to Choose a Dentist that Specializes in General Dentistry for Kids!

Updated: Feb 28

Parents have about a million choices to make for their children, from what to feed them for breakfast to where they go to school. Choosing a dentist for your child shouldn’t be a hard decision, and at Smile Zone, we can’t wait to make your family a part of our Smile Zone family! Check out the following reasons to learn why choosing a children’s general dental specialist is best for both you and your kids.

#1. At Smile Zone, We are Kid Experts!

All of our staff at Smile Zone, from our front office personnel to our dentist, are trained specifically to work with children and families. Because our specialty is working with young patients and their caregivers, we are able to use a variety of tools to make the experience of going to the dentist both comfortable and positive for children and their parents/guardians.

#2 We’ve Created a Fun and Welcoming Environment

At Smile Zone Dental in Yuba City, California we designed our office specifically with little ones in mind. Everything from bright colors to an engaging atmosphere keeps kids associating a visit to the dentist with a positive experience, which will increase the likelihood that they will continue coming in for routine cleanings and dental check-ups annually even into adulthood.

#3. We Offer Flexible Schedules for Busy Families

It’s best to choose a general dentist for kids not only because we specialize in making kids comfortable, but also because we cater to the hectic schedules of busy families.

We know how difficult it can be to work around a career, family obligations, and other responsibilities, and finding the time to squeeze in a children’s dental visit isn’t always easy. That’s why at Smile Zone we offer evening and weekend appointments for families who need them. Whenever it’s time to schedule your child’s annual dental cleaning, check-up, or more complicated procedure, simply let us know that you need an evening or weekend appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We value your business and want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to get your children the high-quality, compassionate, and expert dental care they deserve.

#4. We are Trained to Administer Laughing Gas to Reduce Children’s Anxiety

We know that it can be nerve wracking for some children to have dental procedures done and nerve wracking for parents as well when their children receive sedatives. Our staff is trained in administering laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to children so that they are relaxed during certain dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide is exceptionally safe and does not fully sedate or render a child “asleep.” It is simply a gas mixed with oxygen that your child will inhale through a mask to relax him or her and take away any stress or anxiety during their dental visit at Smile Zone.

Choose Smile Zone for the Best in Children’s Dental

Reach out to us to schedule your child’s next appointment by calling 530-230-0081. If you’d prefer, you can also send a message through our website and read the reviews from our happy customers. We are a kids only dentist and work with children all the way from their infant and toddler years through to 18 years old. Join our Smile Zone community today and receive the very best in children’s dental care!


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