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Common Dental Issues to be Aware of for Your Kids

Updated: Feb 27

As a parent, of course, you want the best for your children and staying on top of understanding common dental issues that may impact your child’s health is one way to be an attentive and caring parent. Here at Smile Zone, we are committed to helping families have healthy smiles from the root up and we provide a unique kids’ dental clinic to make children feel comfortable and welcome.

Here some are common problems to be aware of to help keep your kids’ smiles bright and healthy as they grow.

#1. Childhood Tooth Decay

Childhood tooth decay is one of the most common problems faced by little ones. This issue is caused by the buildup of bacteria that develops in the mouth. This causes plaque around the tooth which can eventually deteriorate the enamel. Parents should teach children healthy brushing habits from the time they are toddlers, and enforce tooth brushing and flossing routines to help prevent decay.

#2. Gingivitis

Gingivitis for children is also known as pediatric gum disease and is caused by an inflammation of the gums that can eventually evolve into tooth loss and bone deterioration. This type of gum disease is generally caused in children by overall poor oral hygiene. This is one reason why it is especially important for you to bring your child to a dental clinic for kids, like Smile Zone, every six months from the time their first tooth emerges or they are one year old.

#3. Stubborn Baby Teeth

Baby teeth that stubbornly stay in their position and refuse to loosen for permanent adult teeth can cause problems. This situation will need to be assessed by a dentist. Whether a stubborn baby tooth is caused by a congenital abnormality or some kind of impaction, a kids’ dentist appointment can sort it out in no time.

#4. Chronic Tooth Grinding

Grinding of the teeth is common during childhood development. Not only can this habit do damage to baby teeth, it can be adverse to adult teeth as well. This condition can also be painful not only on the teeth, but on the surrounding muscles and jaw. At Smile Zone kids’ dental clinic we can talk with you about treating the problem with a custom night guard or another solution that works for your child.

#5. Bad Breath

Bad breath is common if a child or adult has poor dental hygiene, but can also be a more serious indication of something wrong. Possible causes of bad breath include infection, inflamed gums, or insufficient saliva due to dehydration in your child. If you notice chronic bad breath, a trip to our kids’ dental clinic should be scheduled as soon as possible.

#6. Routine Thumb Sucking

While thumbsucking can be a common phase of childhood development, it can become a more serious concern if it becomes habitual or persists after the development of children’s permanent adult teeth. From that point on, it can begin to affect overall oral health, but at a kids’ dental clinic such as Smile Zone, we are experts in helping and working with children to find a solution for even the most stubborn of habits.

For the Best in Dentistry for Kids and Teens, Come to Smile Zone!

Our dental team has made it their mission to work exclusively with children, and each one of our staff members is experienced in managing the unique dental issues facing them.

At Smile Zone we are proud of our caring staff, the exceptionally convenient scheduling we offer to families, our emergency dental services, and creating an environment that is welcoming for the entire family.

Schedule your appointment at Smile Zone today by calling (530) 230-0081. You can also send a message through our website or read the reviews from customers who have been satisfied with our services. We are a kids-only dentist and work with children ranging from infancy through 18 years old. We look forward to seeing your smiling child walk through our door soon!


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